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Potty Bell Training for Your Dog

4 Steps to Training – Dog Rings Bell to Potty

  1. Familiarize Your Puppy with the bell of Your Choice. There are several types of potty bells on the market. Some are desk type, some attach to the wall and some are hung on the door. The first step is to let the dog become familiar with the type of bell being used.
  2. Ring the bell every time you go out so that the puppy will associate the bell ringing with potty time. Say, “Let’s go Potty – Ring the Potty Bell”. If the puppy snifs or paws at the bell give it a treat.
  3. Encourage your puppy to ring bell. Begin to encourage your puppy to ring the potty bell each time you take it out. Give treat for results.
  4. Watch when your dog begins to sniff. Therefore when your dog begins sniffing, say “Let’s go Potty – Ring the Potty Bell”. Continue doing these 4 things until it becomes natural for the puppy to ring the bell when ready to go outside for potty.

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