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Dog Crates & Carriers, why use them?

  1. Dog Crates can keep your puppy safe. When you’re busy around the house and cannot properly supervise your puppy, pop them in a crate. Therefore removing the potential for them to get into trouble such as chewing electrical wires or swallowing harmful, toxic or inedible objects in your home.
  2. Crates also protect your belongs when you’re out-of-site. Puppies, especially when teething, like to chew on everything that they can get their little mouths on. With your investment of a crate you’ll be protecting your furniture, shoes, mail and other valuables from destruction. Most importantly you can protect against damage to irreplaceable things that hold sentimental value.
  3. During the house training and potty training process. Puppies have an instict to keep their living quarters clean. Keep them crated while training for periods when they are unsupervised and between potty breaks. If you can’t watch them, pop them in the crate and let them hold it as long as they can. Go straight outside when you let them out, they’ll need to go. Praise them for going in the right place. Crates will also prevent them eliminating in the house during the night.
  4. Crates help eliminate problem behaviors like jumping up on visitors, begging for table food and etc. Crate them until they calm down or your family is through eating.
  5. Dog Crates provide your dog with their own little place to go for peace and quiet. The crate should be left open and accessible for your dog to use voluntarily when they wish when not being used for training purposes.

A Crate Is Not Forever!

Crates are for security, safety, house training, protection of belongs and to help with management of behavior problems. When your dog who starts behaving wonderfully when left alone in the home, is house trained, with no destructive tendencies or behavior problems, so why would you want to leave them in a crate?

Give them the freedom to move around because they’ve earned it by working hard with you in training, and have learned to abide by the rules you want them to live by.