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Lots of Dog Toys = Happy Dogs!

Toys are physically and mentally stimulating in fulfilling a dog’s physical and emotional needs. Dogs are primarily bred as companion pets, but still need something to do. Many dogs will look for things to fulfill their chewing needs and occupy their time. Don’t let them choose their own chew toys, such as your pillows, toilet paper rolls, sofa, mail, or shoes. Provide them with appropriate dog toy outlets.

One can find hundreds of dog toys. Many dogs have more than an adequate supply of toys. However, dogs like children, get bored with their toys quickly. Trainers recommend that customers select six to eight toys for each pet. Select toys that are different in texture, size and shape. Toys should be given out a few at a time. Rotate every few days so that the pet always has something different with which to play. Rotating toys is the best way to keep them effective.

Help your dog relax, toys also are an exceptional way to keep a happy pet.